ANS 2001 June Part B – Most Appropriate Meaning

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After each of the following sentences, a list of possible interpretations is given. Choose the interpretation that you consider most appropriate for each sentence.

20. Bukola has an infectious smile. This means that Bukola............

A. spreads infection when she smiles
B. has sores in her teeth
C. make others smile when she smiles
D. become infected when she smiles

Answer: C

21. It is cold comfort to tell a hungry man that starvation improves health. This means that telling a hungry man this is............

A. frightening
B. consoling
C. unhelpful
D. hypocritical


22. Nonso's father gave him a free hand to run the family business. This means that his father............

A. assisted him freely
B. allows him to make his own decision
C. made him sole owner of the business
D. allow him freedom of movement in the premises


23. Audu was certainly born with a silver spoon in his mouth. This means that............

A. he was born into a rich family
B. his parent gave him silver spoon when he was born
C. he was born in the age of miracle
D. his parent could not help him


24. You must be speaking with your tongue in your cheek. This means that you............

A. you must be very serious
B. must be thinking of something else
C. have food in your mouth
D. don't mean what you are saying


25. The manager hit the roof when he was presented with a huge estimate for the new project. This means that the manager............

A. became very suspicious
B. threw an object at the roof
C. became very angry
D. ordered the project to be started at once


26. Her reproaches cut him to the quick. This means that he............

A. was made to act quickly
B. was wounded
C. was deeply hurt
D. began to speak angrily


27. The girl went scot-free even though she started the fight. This means the girl was............

A. punished
B. unpunished
C. expelled from school
D. free to move about


28. This secretary's vote of thanks did not ring true. This means that the vote of thanks was............

A. full of praise
B. not audible
C. not sincere
D. well delivered


29. Mary Onyali won the race by a hair's breadth. This means that Mary won............

A. convincingly
B. narrowly
C. comfortably
D. luckily


ANS 2001 June Part B – Most Appropriate Meaning
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