2002 June | Part B – Nearest in Meaning

From the words or group of words lettered A to D below each of the following sentences, choose the word that is nearest in meaning to the underlined words as it is used in the sentence.

29. His father's death derailed his plans to enter the university.

A. discouraged
B. failed
C. moved
D. ruined

30. Adamu inadvertently shot his friend dead.

A. deliberately
B. spontaneously
C. accidentally
D. inappropriately

31. The student made scathing remarks about the vice chancellor.

A. critical
B. positive
C. mild
D. damaging

32. Several cabinet ministers joined the president's retinue for the summit conference

A. entourage
B. vehicle
C. followers
D. enemies

33. The manager refused his deputy's request in reprisal for his disloyalty.

A. compensation
B. annoyance
C. retaliation
D. exchange

34. She spurned the advances of her boss.

A. accommodated
B. accepted
C. rejected
D. discouraged

35. Whatever he says is irrevocable.

A. final
B. false
C. debatable
D. unclear

36. Lunatics have some lucid moments.

A. troubled
B. quiet
C. noisy
D. sane

37. Don't expect anything but hypocrisy from politicians.

A. promises
B. manifestos
C. insincerity
D. dishonesty

2002 June | Part B – Nearest in Meaning
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