2002 June | Part A, Section A – Essays

Answer one question from this section.

1. Your sister wants to marry a man from another ethnic group against your mother’s wishes. Write a letter to your mother giving at least three reasons why she should accept your sister’s decision.

2. The rising incidence of road traffic accidents nowadays is alarming. In an article suitable for publication in an international magazine, discuss at least three factors responsible for this and suggest ways of dealing with the problems.

3. There has been public outcry against the escalating prices of foodstuffs in your area. Write a letter to your Member of Parliament, stating the causes of the increase and suggesting ways of improving the situation.

4. Your school’s Literary and Debating Society has organized a debate on the topic: “The Television is Doing More Harm Than Good to our Youth.” Write your contribution for or against the topic.

5. Write a story that ends with the words, “Had I known, I wouldn't have believed him.” 


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