2003 June | Part B – Most Appropriate Meaning

After each of the following sentences, a list of possible interpretations is given. Choose the interpretation that you consider most appropriate for each sentence.

20. We left Kaduna one year ago to the day. This means that we left Kaduna...........

A. exactly one year ago
B. one year minus a day
C. one year and a day
D. about a year ago

21. Tamuno's statement is true to a degree. This means that his statements is...........

A. very true
B. very wrong
C. not yet proved
D. partly true

22. Both the doves and the hawks agreed on this issue. This means there was agreement by both...........

A. those who prefer peace and those who want the use of force
B. the poor and the rich
C. the government side and the opposition
D. those supporting changes and those against them

23. Japan has blazed a trail in the production of electronics. This means that in the production of electronics, Japan...........

A. has learnt a lot
B. is leading others
C. is making more inventions
D. is competing with others

24. Mohammed Ali won the fight hands down. This means Mohammed Ali won...........

A. after a very tough fight
B. only narrowly
C. without using his hands
D. very easily

25. The scientist has broken new ground in his research. This means that the scientist has...........

A. made a new discovery
B. taken up a new interest
C. changed his laboratory
D. offered a new explanation for his discovery

26. The chief decided to obtain the land by hook or by crook. This means that the chief decided to get the land...........

A. through negotiation
B. by paying for it
C. by any means possible
D. through litigation

27. The lady swallowed the whole story hook, line and sinker. This means that the lady...........

A. totally disbelieved the story
B. totally believed the story
C. had her doubts about the story
D. thoroughly enjoyed the story

28. He went too far by insulting the Director's wife. This means that...........

A. he went out with the Director's wife and insulted her
B. he walked too long for the Director's wife
C. he was too close to the Director's wife
D. he should not have gone to the extent of insulting the Director's wife.

29. The decision to dismiss the night watchman was taken in my absence. This means that the decision was...........

A. taken as I was leaving
B. take at my back
C. taken without my knowledge
D. not disclosed to the night watchman

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